How To Add Details In Your Home

Whether it comes to designing and decorating your first home or a third one, you need to know that all the best designs are based on details. Yes, that is right. So, get in touch with us if you want to learn more.

Buy two important pieces of furniture every year

Before you renovate the whole place at once, designers recommend that it is better if you buy two quality pieces of furniture or two details every year. For example, it can be a new TV stand or just a new lamp. Good things do not lose their value. And even after 10 years, the things you’ve bought will have the same value.

Invest in valuable things

If you have to take into account your budget, you should know that it is necessary to invest in the things that are valuable and important for the normal functioning of the home. The living room is not a living room without a sofa, the bedroom is not a bedroom without a bed, and the dining room is not a dining room without a table. So, buy only the most important and essential pieces, if you are limited by budget.

Separate the rooms and spaces regardless of the design of your home

Create zones that you will separate with carpets, bookshelves, sofas, glass walls and doors… It will look better and more spacious.

Do not buy furniture from one place only

You should not afford to buy all the furniture from one manufacturer. You risk to get a monotone look of the place and make it look really boring. Furniture must be purchased from many different locations so that the interior will have a special look.

Furniture size

It’s very simple. Large pieces are for large spaces, small pieces are for small spaces… Measure your space before you buy the furniture so that you do not buy a bed that does not suit the size of your bedroom at all.

Practice a little before you begin with the painting

Before starting to paint the walls in your home, make sure that you have the same amount of color on brushes so that you can apply the same layers everywhere. It is not recommended to paint the home on your own if you do not have any experience with it. Hire a professional or at least get a help.

Use darker shades in the dark interior

It may seem illogical for you, but darker interiors should be painted with saturated tones of a certain color. This is because interiors that do not have a lot of natural light will look better if you add a little color. The room will immediately look mysterious and romantic. There will be no impression that the space itself is dark.

Let the light colors be your guide

When you are painting a certain room, you should know that you have to do it according to the direction of the sunlight. Use clear colors on the north sides of the room, which are naturally darker, while warm colors should be used on the west sides of the room. The south and eastern parts of the rooms are a great option for blue or white tones.