The Best Things About Oak Wooden Floors

There are tons of options when choosing the type of wood for your wooden floors. There are many kinds of woods that can fit with your home and there are many groundbreaking alternatives. Through years, Oak wooden flooring is at the top of the list by many homeowners who are looking for quality wooden floorings for their home. This article would not emphasize or suggesting that oak wooden floors would be your best option. This is intended to determine if such type of wood fits according to your requirements.

Comparison over laminated wooden floors

When considering wood floors, it is wise to take time and to do some direct comparison. If you are looking for the cheapest wooden floor option, then undoubtedly, laminated wooden floors is really the top choice. It is not just the cheapest option but also the cheapest when it comes to maintenance and repairs. A solid Oak wooden floor on the other hand is one of the most expensive types of wooden flooring. It only has one major advantage over the laminated ones and that isthe ability to san them out when they were damaged.

Comparison with engineered wooden floors

Engineered wooden flooring is also a considerable choice and supposed to be at the top of your list. The price between laminated and engineered wooden floors got a little bit of discrepancy and it can be sanded if needed. However, it can only be done ones or twice. Engineered wooden floors use more real wood over laminated ones and it is usually tougher. However, for those people who are not in favor of cutting more trees and concerned about the environment, then this could be an issue. But, some believes that it is a better option rather than using plastics since woods can become renewable resources.  Oak wooden floors can match the engineered wooden flooring when it comes to handling heavy traffic.


Most homeowners would prefer choosing the oak wooden floors because of its amazing aesthetic looks. Because of its staining techniques, oak wood flooring can deliver dark and light colors even red ones, cherry and white colors. Of course, if you want the natural color of the oak wooden floor, you can expect flaws with true solid wood floors. The toughness of the wooden flooring will vary depending on the product. Another factor that you want to consider is the rate of oak wooden floors over laminated and engineered wooden flooring.