Common Roof Problems You May Encounter During Winter

Through time a lot or architectural marvels have awed people with their beauty and scale. However, aside from pure aesthetics, what can truly amaze people are the ingenuities behind these things and how both looks and functionality coexisted in these structures. If you think about it, roofs can actually considered as an architectural advancement. Roofs have been around for a long time already but to this day it is still as functional as ever.

However, with the functionality of the modern roof also comes the responsibility to take delicate care of it. Taking care of your roof is an important aspect of house safety as well as making sure your roof is in good condition for the seasons. In line with this, numerous companies have emerged to professionally help roof repair such as roofing repair Plymouth Michigan who can attend to nearby residences experiencing roof dilemmas especially in the winter.

Winter is one of, if not the most, taxing seasons for your roof due to various reasons. This season can bring about a lot of damages to your roof which you may need to know of in order to decide better on what services to take.

Loose Shingles

With winter also comes strong winds and these strong winds can deal a lot of damage to your roof particularly in your shingles. Strong winds may blow off your singles out of your roof causing significant parts of your roof to be exposed to more damage. Make sure to repair these shingles and replace them if necessary to avoid further problems.

Water Trapping

For your roof gutters, on the other hand, water trapping is one of the most common problems. As the name suggests, water trapping is when water, particularly melted ice, is trapped in your gutters and is common since a lot of factors may contribute to this problem. Causes of this problem may include ice dams, which prohibit water to flow properly. Water trapping can cause more problems since it is added weight to your gutter.

Icicle Formation

When trapped water overflows out of your gutter during winter, icicle may be formed and it is perhaps one of the most hazardous problems you may encounter. Icicles, aside from possibly falling on people or animals walking below, is also added weight to the gutter risking it to break down. Icicle formation can be prevented by making sure that your gutter is free flowing.