Credit Card Fraud and Reputation Management with ValueMags

ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company that understands reputation management and fraud better than any other company. Recently, the company has been under heat from individuals claiming their are being scammed by the company. ValueMags is structure in such a way that if you order something from one of their partners, they will send you magazines with that purchase. They do not have your credit card information nor do they have your billing information or address. As a result, ValueMags has done everything in their power to educate their receivers about their structure and that they are not scamming them. What is unfortunate is that some companies are. This is especially frustrating for ValueMags because the company who doesn’t and is getting accused of it, is watching others scam without penalty.

This week, a Chicago resident realized that he was charged for $700 on a prepare American Express Password. His mother said she knew it was fraud immediately. Not knowing that it was a part of a scam from thieves that had hacked into Chipotle’s credit card back systems, the family knew something was off because they go alerts every time a purchase was made. Unfortunately, the family has not recovered the money and will likely not be able to recover the money. However, Chipotle now has a huge reputation management issue on their hands now that their systems have been fixed. As a result, the family also canceled their American Express accounts after the incident. Chipotle tried to redeem themselves with a package of “free burrito” gift cards but the family would much prefer to have their money back.

ValueMags is among the many companies that is dedicated to their customers and clients. The company has done many things to redeem  themselves for the false information and misinterpretations and their reputation is gradually getting better. It takes time for people to trust companies again. For more information about how you can manage your online reputation, contact ValueMags today!