Discussing The Pros And Cons Of Some Siding Materials

This article can make it easy for you if you want to choose a siding material for your home but you are getting confused by the material choices in the market. You can get the siding installed or repaired or renew from siding contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan if you live in the area and you can search a number of contractors in the area to do the job and choose the best yourself. Siding serves as the first impression of your home and here is a glimpse on the pros and cons of some materials;

Considering Vinyl siding:

Vinyl is one of the most popular of siding materials as it is available in a variety of colors and wood looking patterns and is considered to be a cheap option for siding depending upon the grade of the material. Also it does not require much maintenance or paint over it and it does not come with the drawback of getting rotten up or attacked by insects. On the downside, if the grade of vinyl is too low, it can give a cheap look to your home decreasing your house value. And the color can also fade in case of strong sunlight or in case you require repairing a patch, it is difficult to find the color of the patch unless you had extra material in store. It can also melt in extreme hot sunlight thus take care of your climate before choosing it.

Understanding wood siding:

Wood is a natural and renewable building material that can give the most natural look to your home and offers long life of the siding offering you many painting options thus you can change the color of your siding when needed. A number of shingles, boards or battens are available for a variety of looks. The cons include the maintenance you need since it requires to be painted quite often and can be rotted by insects since it is a natural product. It is also not prone to damage by fires unless treated with anti-fire treatment.

Brick Siding:

Brick is a very durable building material that is available to be used on facades in a variety of shapes and patterns and does not require any maintenance and is not affected by insects or fire. On the downside, it can be costly and may require structural support due to their weight.