Major 13 Product Lines Of Heat Exchangers- Types, Features And Suitability

AIC heat exchanger is the leading name in the world of heat exchangers. Our products boast of high quality, revolutionary designs and impeccable performance. We at AIC Heat Exchanger USA have thirteen product lines of heat exchangers that are meant for wide variety of applications.

LENS Heat Exchangers are highly adaptable and allow high level of customization as per the customer requirement and use. These heat exchangers are made of steel and are extremely compact. The interchangeable heads and selection of configuration help in adjustments according to diversity in flow requirement.

S Line Sanitary Heat Exchangers are built keeping in mind the stringent product and hygiene requirements of food and pharmaceutical manufacturing installations. S Line prevents cross contamination of fluids despite of unsealing of the tubesheet-tube connections.

B Line Heat Exchangers are ideal for industrial as well as domestic use. They are ideal for handling high fluid flows and low temperature variances.

M Line Heat exchangers are particularly built for Salt water pool applications as they are made of austentic marine alloy. The design of the product makes it efficient in handling high fluid velocities and low pressure drops.

E Line Economizers are Air to Water heat exchangers and aid in heat recovery from flue gases. They are widely used in power plants and installations using boilers. Economizers recapture the heat of exiting flue gases and use it to pre-heat the water entering the main boiler chamber.

T Line Heat Exchangers is extremely versatile. It optimizes flow turbulence and increases the heat transfer coefficient.

TW Line Heat Exchangers is made of pure titanium which makes it really sturdy, light and long lasting. Its revolutionary design enables optimization of flow turbulence and increases the heat transfer coefficient.

PS/PW Heat Exchangers are suitable for liquid to liquid and steam to liquid applications. These heat exchangers are meant for industrial use and are easy to clean and remove.

JAD-line Heat Exchangers are specifically designed for vertical installations that make it suitable for heating systems, Chilled water systems, ground water systems and residential use as well.

A-Line Heat Exchangers use latest plate and frame technology which is specifically designed for precision heat transfer. They are preferred type of heat exchangers in Chemical, pharmaceutical, HVAC, foods & beverages, marine and automobile industry.

L-Line Heat Exchangers uses stainless steel for its body and sealing of its plate packs with brazen metal does away with the need of gaskets and external pressure retaining parts that are otherwise required. Their design increases the rate of heat transfer which makes these heat exchangers very efficient.

L-Line DW Heat exchangers have double brazed plate which prevents cross contamination of fluid streams in the event of internal leaks. This property makes them highly suitable for potable water heating, domestic water heating and processes that follow stringent regulations.

Rex Water Heaters are perfect for on demand instantaneous hot water requirement. They are ideal for domestic use, commercial use in hotels, apartments, schools and hospitals.

These were the thirteen product lines that we have at AIC heat exchangers. They are extremely versatile, use cutting edge technology and can be customized to customers’ specifications.