Proper Care and Maintenance of Luxury Vinyl Tiles Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are one of the most commonly used materials in flooring. Its unique, innovative and versatile features make them attractive and well-liked floorings in the household. Other than its exceptional features, these LVT is easily cleaned and maintained. This is due to a protective layer combined with a clear film for added protection.

With proper care and cleaning, these luxury vinyl tiles can look great and shiny for many years. Maintaining the lavish finish of these LVT can be as easy as one, two, and three by just simply following these simple guidelines.

Maintaining and cleaning of the LVT floor

  • The use of a doormat to keep the floor area clean is highly recommended. Substances like dirt, tiny gravel and asphalt’s chemicals are abrasive and harsh to the vinyl. This will cause the scratches and the yellowing of the floor. Thus, wiping of shoes and slippers prior to entering the house is highly suggested.
  • Daily cleaning of the dust and dirt through sweeping is important. The accumulation of the dirt and dust on the floor can also cause abrasion on the vinyl flooring.
  • It is necessary to immediately clean up spillage on the floor, instead of letting it dry. Drinks with high sugar content are harder to clean up and can even damage the flooring when left on the floor.
  • Using the right commercial cleanser for cleaning the floor tiles. Stains can easily be removed with commercially available products or DIY cleaners like baking soda solutions.
  • Soft cloth or soft nylon brush should be used when scrubbing and removing tricky stains. Avoid scrubbing to hard to prevent scratches on the floor.

Caution during cleaning of the LVT floor

  • Avoid using highly abrasive scrubbers or steel wool.
  • Detergents and abrasive cleaners should not be used because it can leave dull film on the floor that can cause accidents.
  • Ammonia and ammonia-based cleaning solutions and products should also be avoided due to possible effects of breaking and cracking on the floor.

Other than these helpful tips and guidelines for the maintenance of the luxury vinyl tiles flooring, professional help from flooring services and contractors can also be considered. Customers will find ease and comfort with the aid of Flooring Downriver Michigan. They will assist and guarantee customers on the proper and most practical ways to keep their flooring looks new all the time.