Shaker Style Cabinets

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Shaker style furniture is named after a religious Christian community known as the “Shakers,” who came to the United States of America from Europe in the early 18th century. The Shakers were popularly known for their outstanding craftsmanship, spirituality, inventiveness, and industriousness. The Shaker community was extremely self-sufficient and the members constructed their own buildings, grew their own food and manufactured their very own tools and other household furnishing.

The Shakers had deep commitment to self-reliance and simplicity in life which made them come up with their own amazing, yet simple furniture designs. Shakers’ cabinetry was purely handcrafted by their furniture makers whose deep religious beliefs always inspired them to commit and aspire towards perfection in terms of quality, durability and functionality. They created cabinets which would last for many years. Some of the trademarks of Shaker style cabinets included; spare design with straight fine lines, straight forward construction techniques along with a beautiful simplistic look which reflected the modest and minimalist values of the Shakers community.

Another prominent feature in their style was the strength; The Shaker furniture was synonymous with high quality as the furniture was made with the very best wood available. Some of the wood they used include; chestnut, birch, maple, and pine.

Today, Shaker style cabinets are highly recognized for their simplicity, grace, honesty, sturdiness, durability and functionality. They have become so popular because of their classic, simple look and functionality. The original Shaker idea was to build a simple, yet highly functional and durable cabinet. Shaker style cabinets are normally characterized with practicality, plainness, and have some flat panel doors which have rail frames.

As aforementioned, they’re focused on functionality and simplicity, and due to their minimalist looks they can easily blend in rusty, modern or traditional kitchen designs. As a matter of fact, Shaker style cabinets are very versatile when it comes to design, and will work perfectly with different kinds of kitchen designs.

Shaker style cabinets because of their practicality and charm, have actually become 1 of the most enduring and popular cabinet styles among today’s general public. If you are a homeowner looking for a simple, yet beautiful and elegant kitchen cabinet, you will not go wrong with the Shaker style cabinets. They not only suit rustic and country decor, but they also make a great choice for contemporary and traditional homes. The straight clean lines allow for an easy blend, and their soft furnishings add warmth to the overall look. The modern cabinet hardware also adds to the Shaker style cabinets simple perfection of straight fine lines. The Shaker style cabinets convey elegant and classic looks, while glass inserts (found in some modern designs) and contemporary kitchen hardware provide absolutely beautiful accents for a sleek and well organized contemporary kitchen.

The shaker style cabinets have proven to be a very successful design over the years and is undoubtedly here to stay. Nowadays, you can see very strong presence of these cabinets in rustic, minimalist, country and modern kitchen interiors which are focused on quality, simplicity, and functionality. For more information about Shaker Style cabinets, you should check out the full article at: Shaker Style Cabinets: Are They Here to Stay?