Start Your White Clover Lawn As A Beginner!

White clover is a plant type which has white flowers that really look pretty along with the clover leaves and it can be really good for your garden if you know that your garden has only about 4+ hours of sunlight because this is sufficient for the growth of the plant. Here are some steps to begin your white clover garden;

Buy the seeds first:

There are many places to buy the white clover seeds including the online option where you can get the free delivery option for initial orders. However, since it is a matter of your country or its location so it can be a good option to buy from the nearest nursery and have some tips about growing the seeds as it can be easy for you to look and feel the seeds yourself to understand their condition overall. Thus also buy a packet according to the size of your land and see if you can spread the quantity in your land easily.

Choose spring to plant and prepare the soil:

Normally it is considered best for white clover seeds to grow better if planted in Spring and thus as the Spring is about the end, you may prepare your soil for plantation of white clover and this can be done with raking it and making it flat. Also do not acre much about the type of soil you have as these seeds are quite tough to be able to sprout even in hard soil conditions. Thus make sure that your soil is free from other plants or weeds etc.

Spread the seeds:

You can now spread the seeds by first taking soil in a wheel barrow and then mixing all the packet of seeds in it evenly, now you can spread this whole mixture on to the land you want to be filled with white clover. This can be made possible by spreading the mixture on the land in a way that you can seeds almost everywhere, after which you need to cover the seeds with further soil.

Water and take care:

Now obviously you will have to water the whole area where you can simply use a light shower to cover the whole planted area with water. Try not to walk on the patch for 2 weeks and then you will be happy to see the seeds becoming white clover flowers.