Things to Look for when Buying Garage Doors

If you are interested in replacing your garage doors, there are many designs to choose from and modern solutions allow for bespoke solutions, which are essential for a perfect fit. Years ago, garage doors were clumsy and complicated mechanisms that were always prone to malfunction, but fortunately this is a thing of the past, with new custom made designs that are motorised, allowing effortless opening and closing at the touch of a button.

Online Solutions

If you are looking to buy a new garage door system, you can source a reliable online supplier and discover insulated roller garage door prices with a few simple mouse clicks, and if you decide to make a purchase, there are several secure online payment methods available. If you live in the UK, insulation is always on your mind, and now you can buy insulated garage doors, which help keep your valuable heat from disappearing through your garage doors.

Made to Measure Units

Every house is unique and when thinking of new garage doors, made to measure is the only way to go. There are online suppliers who will manufacture to the customer’s specifications, and self-installation will certainly save you some money. If you happen to live near the factory, most suppliers will happily install the units for you, but anyone with some basic DIY experience can install garage doors, and with an online tutorial, you can feel confident the job will go without a hitch.

Remote Control

The days of lifting and lowering your garage doors are firmly behind us, and with the latest tracking systems, remote units offer effortless movement. Safety is paramount and modern motorised units have a special sensor that will not allow the doors to close if anything is obstructing the operation, which makes for a safer environment.

Self-Locking Mechanisms

Modern garage doors are self-locking and also have a system whereby the doors cannot be forced open once they are closed, which makes for a more secure home. There is a manual override that allows you to wind up or down in the event of a power failure, and the remote unit can plug into any regular mains power point.

Foam Filled Insulation

If your garage is connected to your home, you will be aware of just how cold it can be inside your garage in the winter, which makes carrying out any work uncomfortable. In this case, it is recommended to have some form of insulation added, and modern solutions offer a foam filled section that really does make a difference.

Range of Colours

Your new garage doors should complement the home, and with a range of colours, your new aluminium panels will fit right in with the existing look of your property. There are bright colours and also faux timber grain finishes, for those who prefer the rustic look.


Look for a supplier that is established, and if possible, ask to see a few units in your area that will give you some idea of how the units look when in place.