Understanding Different Country Style Curtains

There are several different types of curtains specifically that conger up a country style feel. The pattern and accessories also matter when trying to decorate homes windows to appear as authentic country as is possible.

There are considerations that need to be had before simply purchasing country curtains from Country Porch Home Decor. One needs to measure accurately the size of the window to determine length, width and how long the curtain rod should be. If the window is in the bedroom, you may think about blackout country style curtains or if you require more heat and cold insulation, possibly buying swags or valances, or even panels that are lined.

You options are limitless as far as rods are concerned, but you need to know what your hanging style is. If you like the look of tabbed tops, clip hangers, pole top, pleated or grommet topped. You should also consider if you would like valances or swags even tie backs and tiered with different accessories that may be required for any given style you choose.

Classic of Tiered and Tie Back Panels

Tiered country style curtains can come lined or unlined and most come paired with a bottom with two separate panels and a valance or swags. You can get them either tabbed, grommet, gathered or pole topped depending on which you prefer. The patterns and designs are vast, so choose the best to fit your desires.

The tie back country curtains utilize panels, lined or otherwise, and use hardware and small strips of the curtain fabric to tie the panels back. There are several different types of metal, glass and wood accessories you can use to secure to the wall.

Long and Short Paneled, Swags, and Valances

Swags, like the Cock-a-doodle-do black swag, resemble a prairie panel for its length and gathered center, but is a bit shorter than the prairie country style curtains. Most curtain swags can be lined and depending on different styles they are normally a set as in the tie back country curtains.

Long and short paneled country style curtains are one single sheet of fabric, either with a gathered, poled, grommet, tabbed or clipped tops. They come in every pattern and color imaginable, and there are prairie panels too. The prairie paneled country curtains are angled but square to the window frame on the outside and are normally pole or gather topped.

There are several different shapes, colors, patterns and styles of country style curtains, like the cock-a-doodle-do gathered swags with black roosters, checked patterned and the tea-stained backdrop. If you want country curtains in your home to bring a warm, comforting feel to any room, find the country style swags or panel with the pattern and colors that you love.